Kippot – Yarmulkes

The traditional head covering of a Jewish man is known variously as a Kippa, kippah or a Yarmulke. Kippa is the Hebrew word and Yarmulke is Yiddish. The Kippa is a small piece of cloth (around 3-4 inches in diameter) that a Jewish man wears on his head at all times. A Kippa or Yarmulke is intended to maintain a level of separation between the Jewish man and the deity as a sign of respect and awe for G-d. In fact, Kippa means in Hebrew “Fear of the King” since Jews traditionally refer to G-d as “King of the Universe” or “Lord” in order to avoid saying his name (also as a sign of respect).

Please review our selection of Kippot (the plural of Kippa or kippah) and select your own. Some Jews only wear Kippot of black or similar somber hues, but many will at times wear a Kippa with designs on them. Please take a look at the Kippot that we offer and find one that fits your personality.


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