A Tallit or Tallis is a shawl that Jewish people wear while they are praying. The tallit is to be worn during all prayers, including the morning and evening prayers. The tallit is traditionally worn only by men, but in Reformed and Conservative temples it is also sometimes worn by women. The tallit is a shawl with fringes at the four corners of the shawl. Commonly, these fringes are also along the bottom of the tallit as well. The fringes are known as “tzitzit” are compelled to be part of the prayer shawl by two biblical passages in Numbers and Deuteronomy, which states that they will be placed in the four corners of the prayer shawl.

Often tallit are created in colors of blue and white, but that they do not need to be in those colors. Please look at our wide varieties of Tallit available and purchase one so that you will be ready for temple next Shabbat.

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