Now that the advertised “fight of the century” has been completed, litigation is now starting. A class action lawsuit has been filed against Pacquiao, his promoters and Top Rank Boxing alleging that they all failed to disclose to the Nevada Sports Commission that Pacquiao had a shoulder injury. The basis of the lawsuit is that the fight itself (and the resulting prices charged) were artificially inflated and that people would not have paid the sums requested ($100 for pay per view) had they been apprised of the true status of the shoulder injury. Additionally, the class action allows people who wagered on the fight to become part of the class and potentially entitled to recovery.

The promoters contend that they disclosed all pertinent information regarding the shoulder injury including what medications were being used to treat the shoulder. The outcome of this publicity grab may be decided on the checking of a box. Who checked the box? Was it a clerk? Was it someone in the boxing commission? Was it the promoters? Trainers? Or someone else? Little things can have great consequences! This saying is not confined to the current boxing result. Remember the Al Gore presidential litigation dealing with dangling chads on a ballot?

Sports, like politics is big business. Why else would people invest millions into these endeavors?  Given this, should gamblers be entitled to recoup any losses? Is this a case where you (as the old saying goes) pay your nickel and you take your chances?  Did Pacquaio believe that he could tough out the fight with Mayweather in spite of his shoulder?  Did the shoulder worsen during the fight with Mayweather?  All of this seems to deliver us into the proverbial sports/ money quagmire. Is there any way out? Is this part of Shakespeare where the first thing we’ll do it kill all the lawyers?!!!

Which direction do you think this issue should go?

Should this be settled in the boxing ring on a rematch?

Should everyone just move on? Should litigation continue?