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As our friends in TX and OK are now saying, water, water everywhere!!!. They are faced with flooding and tremendous property damage that will go into the millions of dollars. We must turn this phrase and change it to no water anywhere, and we must not waste what we have. Our state is in a desert and we are now facing a huge water shortage. The only way to save ourselves now is through conservation. Mother nature has not supplied us with the water necessary to continue our lifestyle. We must do the simple things to save water (shorter showers, shorter lawn watering, don’t run water while doing dishes). Every effort should be made to ensure that we are using less of this precious commodity. The State of California through Governor Brown has issued executive orders regarding water usage and the need to conserve. Local governmental entities are trying to enforce the order with mixed results, at best.

However, one must question how we got ourselves into this current situation?. We have all been asleep at the proverbial switch. We have continued on with our prior lifestyle choices and have not paid attention to the plight we are now in. The bulk of our water comes from northern California (Sierra snowpack). As weather patterns have changed, our need and use of water has not. Our population continues to grow and the use and need for water also is growing exponentially in the wrong direction.

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In order to avoid water rationing, we all need to curb our use of excessive amounts of water. When in the shower., soap up and then rinse off. We do not need to run the water while we are soaping up. Every gallon saved allows this important and dwindling resource to be used for another day. We must make water stretch as far as possible to see us through for another day, week, month, year. Perhaps next rainy season will indeed be rainy and allow us to bask in the fruits of our conservation efforts.

Water is like real estate. There is a finite number of this commodity around. We cannot manufacture more water than what we have. The most potential viable option for more water is desalinization. This is used in Israel extensively. However, the cost of this is not cheap. We have the ocean water right off our coast. Do we want to use this resource? How long will it take to become operational? How much will it cost? Will the public pay more for water? If so, how much?