It has recently come to attention that the Chief Justice of the “enlightened” State of Alabama Supreme Court has issued orders not to allow same sex marriages in his state.

His reason for this? In his opinion, same sex marriages violate “God’s law”.

Before the question posed above can be responded to, it must be ascertained, what is the function of the judiciary? As we all know, our government is a system of checks and balances. In this case, no other branch of government has operated to act upon or interpret “God’s law.” Should the people of the state have the power to draft and approve laws that may or may not be in accord with “God’s law”? What is “God’s law”? Who get to interpret God’s law? What is their remedy if there is a difference of opinion as the interpretation of God’s law?

It makes no sense to have one person act as judge, jury and executioner for any issue attention the public at large.  Yet, this is what this jurist is doing. He is acting as an arm of the state and superimposing his view of the world on all persons in the State. This goes against democracy. If the people wish to have this interpretation on this issue, let them vote on it or pass laws through the legislature. Then the courts may be called upon to interpret the law. To allow this nonsensical course of action to stand makes a mockery of our entire system of government. The Chief Justice is a public servant. By definition, his job is to serve the public, not dictate his views of what he thinks society (and the Bible) means and/or needs.

Our system works best when all three branches or government work the way they were designed to. When one oversteps it boundaries, the entire system suffers.  One person should not be able to dictate policy for an entire society, unless we have a dictatorship. This system of government does not exist in the State of Alabama, or anywhere else in America. The secondary question is should it?

What say you?? 


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