It has been said that one who does not understand history is bound to repeat the mistakes previously done. This is the current situation awaiting us now.

The president has made mention that the US need to send in “advisors” and “trainers” to assist the Iraqi Army. Doe s this have a familiar sound of Vietnam? The US in that conflict used the same categories prior to its full militarization in that country. This comes as a rather surprising development given the fact that the president had indicated that he was in favor of withdrawing all US troops out of the country on a permanent basis. Is that a realization of a failed US policy, is it a realization that the Iraqi army is incapable of securing their own country? Should we fight ISIS now or in the future? Are the Iraqis willing to let the representatives of the ‘Great Satan” (the USA) spill their blood and money to defeat ISIS? How much of threat is ISIS to the USA and its allies? Is the current policy that the USA has reminiscent of the containment policy that the USA had toward the USSR and Communism in general in the 1950’s and 60’s?

In Los Angeles, the Chief of Police has lost tremendous credibility in the death of the recent shooting and killing of an unarmed black male. The Chief (to no one’s surprise) found the shooting within LAPD policy. In an unusual move, the Los Angeles Police Commission found the shooting and the actions of the officer were outside of LAPD policy. How then is the public (and in particular the Black and Latino communities) supposed to believe anything that Chief Beck has to say? The hot potato political decision to charge the officers or not now will rest with the Los Angeles District Attorneys office. However, the DA must be careful to keep any potential trial in LA County. Remember the Rodney King trial that was transferred to police officer loving Ventura County?

This is the illustration of the ancient Chinese curse, may you live in interesting times!

What say you?