California has recently passed a very comprehensive pre-school vaccination policy. The key questions are, should they have? Is government in a better position to ascertain what a child needs as opposed to the parents of that child? If marriage and procreation have been found to be fundamental rights, should not the caring of your child also be a fundamental right? Does the government have the absolute right to bar your child from school if they are not vaccinated? Is there a link between vacations and autism? Is there a scientific controversy on this issue? Has the issue been settled?

In light of these questions, should not the parents of a child (who know it better than “big brother government”) lose the right to decide intimate health issues concerning that child?

Is raising a child a fundamental right entitled to the utmost in constitutional protection?  If not, why not?

If your religious beliefs do not condone vaccinations should government strip away your individual rights?

The right to practice one’s religion is also a fundamental right. In light of this, should not the raising of a child be entitled to the same protection?

Is there a clear link between vaccinations and the disease(s) they are designed to prevent?

Are the disease(s) capable of occurring whether or not the child is subject to mandated vaccinations?

How does that make you feel?