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Our society continues to evolve in ways that social conservatives and traditionalists in this country cannot or will not comprehend.

The most recent and glaring examples are the legal actions taken by the states of Mississippi and North Carolina, in effect mandating that transgender persons do not exist. Laws in these states mandate that a person must use a public bathroom solely based on the gender that is listed on their birth certificate. This completely disregards the medical and surgical advances that have been made.

Gender changes are in all likelihood not undertaken lightly. The person who wishes to undergo this type of change has undergone tremendous psychological angst, pressure and has been the subject of ridicule or perceived mis-identification for many years.

If science can alleviate this problem, why should a person continue to be discriminated against by government? How would the Mississippi and North Carolina laws be enforced? Would there be a “checker” at bathroom requiring a person to lift their clothes to expose their “private parts” prior to using a restroom? Who would pay for this “service”? How degrading would this be people?

Doesn’t government have better things to do with resources than engage in this type of conduct? If our society is to be all inclusive, then why are we enacting laws to exclude and discriminate against people? Transgender rights has now emerged as the leading edge of the civil rights movement.

Our concept of legal rights has evolved. Sexual harassment has gone from male to female to female to female to man to man. Why stop the recognition of transgender people because of the quirk of being born of the “wrong gender” for them? The Catholic church has not yet embraced the transgender community, apparently stemming from the Biblical concept of what it means to be a man or a woman. However, the Bible was written at a time when transgender surgery did not exist.

In San Francisco a Catholic High School is not going to terminate a transgender teacher on this ground. Teachers are a profession that teaches students.

The sexual orientation of a teacher is irrelevant. If they can teach, they should have a job.

All male teachers are not ostracized if one of their number acts inappropriately with students. The same applies with female teachers. All persons should be judged on what they do, individually, and not on what others, similarly situated do.

Health insurance carriers are now beginning to recognize that transgender surgical and psychological procedures should be covered under health insurance policies. Transgender people want to carry on with their lives as everyone else does, free of governmental or societal ridicule, scorn and discrimination. Shouldn’t we now just get past this and, as Rodney King said, “why can’t we all just get along?”

What say you?