Share if You Ever Used This Gadget – The Big Lawyer Quiz

Have you ever met or knew a lawyer in Los Angeles who used this as evidence during a case? Or, just had it on their desk to keep kids occupied while their parents went on to deal with the legal matter with this vintage and seasoned attorney?

Tell us your story, do you miss those simple gadgets or, happier now with your endless options on your sophisticated mobile phone?

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  1. Avoid The Crash, If At All Possible If it looks like there may be trouble ahead on the road, it is well-worth slowing down, or shifting lanes … whatever it takes, to avoid possible injury, and likely property damage.   For sure, the car crash will ruin your day, at the very least!  Drive defensively at all times, avoid any contact with a dangerous driver, rather than attempting to “teach him a lesson.”  Don’t waste time slowing down to shout at the dangerous driver, or make hand or finger gestures.  Move on … and stay safe.
  1. Have a Car Crash Kit in your Glove Compartment This means, a copy of your Car Registration, and a current Insurance Card, a Disposable Camera (yes, in addition to your cell phone camera), a flash light, a pad and pen. 
  1. Take Photos – A Lot of Photos Do not be bashful.  Snap a shot of their License Plate, their Driver License, their Insurance Card.  Snap a shot of the damage to your car, and the damage to their car. 
  1. Write Down Everything In  addition to writing down the Driver License, Registration and Insurance Information from every vehicle involved, see if the other driver will write a brief statement for you, such as “I accept liability,” or “I skidded on an oil slick.”  We know … you’re laughing … thinking that they won’t do that … and you’re probably right, in most cases … but sometimes, the other driver will scribble a statement against their own interest.  It’s worth a try. 
  1. Do Not Write Anything Down for the Other Driver Show them your Driver License, Registration and Insurance Card.  But let them do the writing … not you. 
  1. Do As Little Talking As Possible Don’t offer conversation.  Make sure your kids stay in your car, and keep quiet.  We are aware of one car accident in which the teenage daughter of our client blurted out, so that the other driver heard, “I can’t believe that this happened twice in one day !”  … Not good … do not offer gratuitous information that may come back to haunt you. 
  1. Call the Police They may not always arrive promptly, but it is always best to call the Police, and to be the one that does the calling.  Frequently, the Police Dispatcher will ask, “was anyone injured?”   We’re definitely not suggesting that you provide a false answer, but you might want to say, “I don’t know,” or “I’m not sure,” rather than a simple “NO,” since you really do NOT know. 
  1. Ask Witnesses for Their Contact Information.  Just a first name, a cell phone number, a business card … anything will do.  This could make a big difference down the line. 
  1. Seek Medical Attention Even if you feel OK at the moment, you may very well experience pain and discomfort an hour or two later.  Go to a physician, whether it is a Hospital Emergency Room, or your Family Doctor.  It is always a good idea to have your own physical condition checked by a doctor, after a crash, just as it is always a good idea to have your vehicle checked by a mechanic, after a crash.
  1. If An Ambulance Ride Is Offered, or Available, Accept It.  If you are asked, “do you want an Ambulance?,”  Just Say “Yes.” 
  1. If A Tow Truck Is Offered, Or Available, Accept It It is always better to have your vehicle towed to a Service Station, even if you think it might be drivable. 
  1. Call An Attorney Whether or not you feel that you need a Car Accident Lawyer, it is always worth a phone call.  The law office that you contact might have a helpful suggestion or two. 
  1. Call Friends and Family They will thank you many times over for keeping them informed.  They will feel honored to be the one that you call at such a time.  And yes, they might also have a helpful suggestion or two.