The Lawyer’s Guide to DATING Without Losing a Case

Many lawyers in Los Angeles are lonely and very single. The fact of having spent most of their waking life digesting law books, has taken a toll on their social life. The goal of having a framed diploma hung on your office wall someday is the dangling carrot for lawyers, doctors, scientists and more.  But what happens during that long period of years where most of day time hours are dedicated to achieving their dream?  Are there enough minutes on their clock to fit in a date or a relationship?

Thanks to advancements in technology we now have dating websites and apps. Not long ago an app named Tinder took the world by storm. This smart phone app, is designed to show users compatible candidates for love based on distance, age and gender. Pictures and short descriptions allow the user to decide with a swipe of their finger, if they “Like” or “Don’t Like” the one showing. 

Now bear in mind that there are millions of singles out there in search for their true love and some, who belong to the temporary club, hence serial daters. Most of these singles are drawn to the popular generic apps and dating websites, which are designed for anyone over the age of 18. As a lawyer, doctor or in any other field, you want someone who you can relate to and better understand. Relating to someone based on culture is one thing but, it’s another when a lawyer wants to have a morning coffee talk with a partner who can speak the lingo. 

Lawyers don’t have to go the distance to find their best possible match, behold the lawyers’ dating websites.

Here are a few examples for lawyers choose from: lawyerflirts .com, lawyerdatingservice .com, lawyersinlove .com and more.

For doctors: marrydoctor .com, singledoctors .com

For scientist: sciconnect .com, datingforscientists .com, dating.newscientist .com/s/

Professionals in general: catch22dating .com, theleague .com, professionalmatch .com/ 

Things are looking bright for those lonely single lawyers after all. These services in most cases are free, with some offering a few extra features for a modest monthly membership fee. 

Are you a single lawyer or other professional who has a story to share? We want to hear about it.


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Who Is The Funniest Lawyer? Vote Now

Lawyers play an important role in our society, but they also make us laugh and entertained by playing outrageous characters on the big screen.  

One of the most popular ones from recent years was “Liar Liar” (1997) Fletcher Reede, played by the hilarious Jim Carrey.  Fletcher a Los Angeles Work Injury Lawyers working for a lucrative law firm falls under a spell which his son Max laid on him during the blowing of his birthday candles. This so called wish or spell, prevents his father from telling a lie for one whole day.  The effect of the spell on this best lawyer in the city is life changing and funny as hell. We all know Jim for his talents in making us laugh and in this movie he does just that, along with tons of crazy facial expressions.

Here is a scene taken for the cross examination of his client Samantha Cole:


Our second on the list is Mr Vinny Gambini in “My Cousin Vinny” (1992) played by Joe Pesci.  Trapped in a small town for the purpose of saving his cousin from going to jail for a crime he didn’t commit.  This town is in unusual one, it presents our unseasoned lawyer from the big city a series of challenges which are not associated with the case.  Joe Pesci is an amazing actor and he delivers one of his most highly rated comedy roles.  Being such a smart and street savvy young lawyer, contributed to his unusual and not so traditional method of winning a case.

There is a famous line out of that movie which involves the words “the two youths”, here it is:



We come to the last on our list of choices which is a more recent one and in this case it involves two lawyers share the leading role “Wedding Crashers” (2005). John Beckwith played by Owen Wilson and Jeremy Grey by Vince Vaughn. Both great lawyers by day and expert wedding-crashers by night. Some have strange hobbies and these two nutcases are no different, it turned into a lifestyle because they were driven by the fact that weddings are a great avenue to meet single women. Their abuse comes to a halt as they land on the wedding of a lifetime were they each meet their dream girl and then faced with the twisted reality were they are forced to tell the truth by revealing their true identity. 

Here is the scene at that big wedding were it all started:


We have before you the top three choices to pick which is the funnies one of all:

  1. Liar Liar?

  2. My Cousin Vinny?

  3. The Wedding Crashers?

Who is Your Favorite?








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The First LAwyer On Mars – Should We Send One Right Off The Bat?

Aside from the fact that Elon Musk is looking for ways to overcome the basic challenges of landing humans on the red planet. We are buzzing to the micro possibility that one of the lucky first Human Martians could actually be a Personal Injury Lawyer ? Well, we have no facts to prove such possibility yet, but are sure that after Elon finds a way to get his Mars One spaceship to its destination in no more than 30 days of space travel and manage to protest his crew from the deadly radiation he could be faced with a whole other dilemma – Should there be a lawyer among his new settlers?

What do you think, should there be at least one lawyer?
If we do end up sending one, which type of lawyer will be best to start with?
Can we start a new society without the need of lawyers?

A USAF astronaut, test pilot, and combat veteran by the name of Richard E. Lawyer didn’t make it to space but he was the closest one to having any relationship to the trade by having a last name associated with the legal field. Lawyer was selected as one of the first astronauts to the Air Force’s classified Manned Orbital Laboratory.[2] The MOL program, canceled in 1969 before sending any astronauts into space, Richard Earl “Dick” Lawyer (November 8, 1932 – November 12, 2005) RIP.

We have scouted the net for more astronauts who were lawyers however, couldn’t find one. Should you know of one please let us know.

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