What if You Misdialed? or, Had Long Nails? – Calling a Lawyer with a Dial Telephone

Compare the diversity and capabilities of today’s phones and you would astonish the mind of anyone traveling in time from the mid 80’s. Not such a far distance on the waves of time but look at what we have accomplished. Our now “Smart” phones are more culturally integrated to our society than religion. Such a small device and yet punches through almost every aspect of our lives.

Not long ago, phones did one thing, gave us the ability to speak and listen to someone on the opposite side of the communication line. Calling involved using your finger (the index in most cases) to turn a circular dial to achieve the proper sequence. More often than non, we misdialed and what we had to do next was most annoying: Start Over! Yes it is true (for all you who are too young to know or remember). In today’s “Smart” phone you can go back and delete a number very quickly but with a dial telephone, you had to hangup the line, pick the headset again and start dialing.

Now days, calling a lawyer, can be as easy as verbally asking the phone to perform the task, hands free. It can even search for the Nearest Personal Injury Lawyer if need to purely magic to our time traveler.

Yellow pages! do you remember those heavy bulky monster books layered with thousands of thin paper?

That’s what we had to deal with. The font was so small you could easily misdialed to your attorney.

Our old dial telephone was a great tool for many years indeed but, it was “cramping-our-style”. 


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Long finger nails were the greatest challenge. Back in the day and even now, ladies who pick a job involving intense use of their fingertips know very well whats at stake.

You make them long and soon enough the glory, will be short or chipped away with a tear in the eye.

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After being involved in an auto collision, the law requires the responsible to compensate the injured for all the harm that they caused. Generally, compensation is divided into a property claim and an Injury claim.

A- Vehicle Repair

Damages to the vehicle are covered under the property portion of the claim. Insurance Code § 758 provides that an insurance company cannot require the vehicle to be repaired at any specific body shop. The claimant is entitled to repair the vehicle at a body shop of their choosing. If the claimant is covered by comprehensive coverage, then the claimant’s insurance will pay for the repairs, minus any applicable deductible. Once the repairs are complete, if the other party’s insurance company has accepted liability, then the claimant’s insurance may waive the deductible fee. Alternatively, if the claimant must pay the deductible out of pocket, the claimant will be able to recover the out of pocket expense from the other driver once liability has been established.

Accident Injury Attorney

Call 855-977-1212 and speak with one of our Local Car Accident Lawyers to see if you have a case.


B- Rental/Loss of Use

During the time that the vehicle is being repaired, a rental car may be needed. If the claimant is covered by a rental policy, their insurance company will cover the rental vehicle based off of the agreed coverage amount. If the claimant is not covered by a rental clause and must pay out of pocket for the rental, the claimant will have a claim for reimbursement for the out of pocket rental expenses from the other driver. The rental rate must generally be at a reasonable amount comparable to the damaged vehicle, rented only during the time of the repairs, and does not include reimbursement for additional insurance purchased from the rental company. Typically, if the other party has accepted liability, but the claimant does not have rental coverage, direct pay may be requested by the other driver’s insurance company without requiring the claimant to pay out of pocket.

In certain situations, the claimant involved in a Collision may not need a rental vehicle or may an alternative method of transportation. In these situations, the claimant can make a claim for loss of use of their damaged vehicle. A claim for loss of use compensates the claimant for the time that they were not able to use their vehicle during the repairs. Often times, this rate is equivalent to the rate of a comparable rental vehicle.

C- Other Property Damage

Other claims included in the property portion include items damaged during the collision. Insurance Code § 11580.011 requires the insurer to replace a car seat or reimburse the claimant for the cost of purchasing a new car seat if it was in use by a child during the collision or if it sustained a covered loss while in the vehicle. The claimant has the option to give the replaced car seat to their nearest California Highway Patrol office.

Depending on the auto coverage the claimant and the other driver(s) have, there may be additional property damage claims asserted. Other complexities may arise depending on the specific facts of the collision. Auto insurance policies can be very confusing, but it is important to understand the coverage and how the coverage protects the claimant in case of a collision. It is important to Consult An Attorney in your state immediately following a collision to better understand your legal rights.


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Jonathan Bakhsheshian , Esq.

is an associate attorney at Ellis & Bakh, LLP where he specializes in wrongful death and catastrophic injury litigation.
He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy at the University of California, Los Angeles and earned his Juris Doctorate from Pepperdine University School of Law. At Pepperdine, Jonathan was the Lead Articles Editor of the Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal and a lead member of the negotiations and mediations Team. He competed in several nationwide and international negotiation and mediation competitions. Jonathan continued his studies at the number one, nationally-ranked Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution and obtained his Masters in Dispute Resolution.

In addition to his classroom training, Jonathan externed for the United States District Court, Central District of California; United States Attorney’s Office, Department of Justice; Honorable Judge Robert Kwan, Bankruptcy Judge of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California; Los Angeles Superior Court; and for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office.

Jonathan is dedicated to the principal and philosophy that every injured victim is entitled to the best representation, regardless of their personal financial status or complexity of their case. Jonathan prides himself on being a tough, creative, and fair legal advocate for all of his clients.




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What Type of Chocolate is Your Lawyer?


To say that lawyers are somehow related to chocolate would spark a long challenging argument in court and on the streets of Los Angeles. Most likely the best lawyer will win and declare their own favorite brand as the best pick.

Here is the scenario we wish to speak with you about: If you are not already a lawyer, try to imagine you are, just for a few moments. Settle into that job description with all of its potential luxuries: Big office towering above Los Angeles, fancy car, lucrative vacations and the one most important of them all: Unlimited supply of your favorite chocolate. Considering your chocolate-love is locked on one type or brand, which will you choose for your desktop ice breaker? Hershey Kisses, M&M? or, a more refined and well designed like Lindor Truffles, Godiva or some of those yummy gold foil wrapped treasure, Ferrero Rocher?

Perhaps you might even go farther up the list of quality cocoa brands, the top-notch of chocolate heaven. They are lavishly mesmerizing and of course very expen$ive. But of course at your hourly rate as the Best Lawyer in Los Angeles you can afford it, if not for your office guests than surly to stow your private stash hidden at the top locked cabinet.

To name a few of those lavish brands, we turned the wisdom of top sweet-tooth junkies in our nation: From the land of aged cheese and chocolate delectable Switzerland is at the top of the list – DeLafée. Because of their sensual chocolate experience the Swiss chocolates are famous around the globe. The DeLafée is a taste buds “orchestra” delivered in the golden wrapper and called “Golden Truffle”. Your cost will be around $500 for one ball of deliciousness. Next comes Knipschildt Chocolatier’s Madeline truffle – Stuffed with a French Perigord truffle and crafted from 71-percent single-bean Ecuadorean dark-chocolate.. wow! The list goes on and on with names such as To’ak, Amedei’s Prendimé, Debauve & Gallais’s Le Livre and more.

As a top Hollywood lawyer in your field you must make tough choices and stick to them for the win, picking your chocolate is no different.

What is your choice today? Tell us below..