Compare the diversity and capabilities of today’s phones and you would astonish the mind of anyone traveling in time from the mid 80’s. Not such a far distance on the waves of time but look at what we have accomplished. Our now “Smart” phones are more culturally integrated to our society than religion. Such a small device and yet punches through almost every aspect of our lives.

Not long ago, phones did one thing, gave us the ability to speak and listen to someone on the opposite side of the communication line. Calling involved using your finger (the index in most cases) to turn a circular dial to achieve the proper sequence. More often than non, we misdialed and what we had to do next was most annoying: Start Over! Yes it is true (for all you who are too young to know or remember). In today’s “Smart” phone you can go back and delete a number very quickly but with a dial telephone, you had to hangup the line, pick the headset again and start dialing.

Now days, calling a lawyer, can be as easy as verbally asking the phone to perform the task, hands free. It can even search for the Nearest Personal Injury Lawyer if need to purely magic to our time traveler.

Yellow pages! do you remember those heavy bulky monster books layered with thousands of thin paper?

That’s what we had to deal with. The font was so small you could easily misdialed to your attorney.

Our old dial telephone was a great tool for many years indeed but, it was “cramping-our-style”. 


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Long finger nails were the greatest challenge. Back in the day and even now, ladies who pick a job involving intense use of their fingertips know very well whats at stake.

You make them long and soon enough the glory, will be short or chipped away with a tear in the eye.

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