Yesterday, I was Car #2 in a seven-car accident on Olympic Boulevard in West Los Angeles, but I really don’t know what to do. We called the Police, and we all (… that is, all 7 cars … there was an 8th car, that caused the pile-up, but they sped away …) waited there for more than 45 minutes but the Police never came. Perhaps, when the “911” Operator asked, was anyone hurt, I should have said “YES,” but instead, I said “I don’t think so … “

Car Accident Attorney

Car Accident Attorney

Today, I wish I had a Car Accident Attorney “lined-up.” The truth is, I’ve never used an Attorney, and I have no idea who to call. Right now, I’m calling miscellaneous friends, asking, “have you ever been in a car accident,” and did you use an attorney. Sometimes, I’m just leaving voicemail messages. It’s silly to even think about it, but I really wish I had done this research before my car accident happened !

My neck, shoulder and back are stiffening up, and beginning to hurt. Hopefully, this is no big deal, but I’m thinking that I should go to a Chiropractor or some kind of doctor. But same story here … I really don’t know who to go to. I go to a Family Medical Clinic, and I’ve made an appointment, but they can’t see me until Friday. I know … I could go to the Emergency Room at a Hospital or Urgent Care, but I still don’t feel quite right treating this as an “Emergency.” Again, it’s really silly, but I wish I had a list of Chiropractors. I guess if I’d lined up a Car Accident Attorney before, I could call them right now, and get a referral to a Chiropractor that would treat me for free, and get paid after the insurance companies sort this out.

I’ve called my own insurance company, and reported the accident. I got the insurance information from the Driver in front of me, and behind me, but I don’t know what to do …. Am I supposed to call their insurance companies, or does my company do that ? A Car Accident Attorney would know the answer !

Here’s what I’m thinking … right away, I knew to call “911.” At my kids school, they have a list of numbers to call right away, if there’s a problem.
I really should have an “Emergency List,” with the names and numbers of a couple of Car Accident Attorneys, a couple of Chiropractors, my Family Medical Clinic number, a list of friends with cars, that could come pick me up, if I can’t drive, but don’t want to call an Ambulance. I am going to make sure I’m better prepared in the future … starting with a reliable referral to a really Good Car Accident Attorney !

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