Can Personal Injury Lawyers Reach a Peaceful Future? The Magic of Technology

I often wonder where our society is heading with the rapid exponential advancement in technology. The days of pagers and dial phones are a far distant memory that we now have a difficult time explaining to our children.

Could we have the same challenge telling our grandchildren what is/was a cell phone and why we needed a tablet? I think it is inevitable that many of today’s marvels will become old relics of which only the old and wrinkled will have a memory.

This goes also for how we do other things, for example the type of cars we drive and the technology used to keep us safe on the road inside the vehicle and in infrastructure. The cars operating on Los Angeles’ freeways are of a greater variety than just a decade ago; the major shift has been in the use of electrical vehicles. They look and drive the same as the indigenous gas monster but with finesse and a collective spirit of looking forward to …. greener planet.

But even greater developments are coming for cars. Let’s try to stretch our imagination and penetrate into a futuristic reality in which we can possibly experience a future day in our life. First cars will be driven autonomously (it has already started if you haven’t read the latest tech news) and linked to the net grid. Cars will offer each driver the best route and time to leave the house to get to their destination on time. Taking the side streets will not be needed because there will be no traffic jams. All traffic is calculated down to the second pedestrians takes their first step onto the pavement.

Now what does it mean? Will it mean no accidents or at least down to a fraction in terms of national average? Most likely, yes. A slow mutative domino effect will take place, less accidents= less injuries/fatalities = less lawsuits = less auto body-shops = less junkyards = less traffic tickets and the list goes on.

Imagine Personal Injury Attorney law firm’s staff meeting coming to the conclusion that taking on car accident cases is no longer a profitable goal for the company and they will have to cut off that specialty from their main business model? What a day!

Are we truly coming upon a technological paradigm that will shift our lives entirely and make our lives more …… peaceful?

I often ponder, what if we shifted so far out that we cut down our traditional transportation needs by 80% because, we can now travel without a car, train, boat and or plane?

What say you?

Are We Headed to a Better Future?


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