How Does An Accident Affect A Car Lease?

Leasing a car is a great option for those folks who may not be able to afford to buy one. Nonetheless, there are some perks associated with leasing a car, specially if you get into a car accident. For example, if you own a car and it is involved in a car accident, this can show up in a report such as a Carfax and this will undoubtedly lower the resale price of your car.  On the other hand if you lease a car you will not carry the burden of the decrease in value because the manufacturer does. However, as you may already know, when you lease a car you’re required to have insurance as you’re still expected to return the car in one piece. Here is when an experienced attorney may come in handy.


When you experience a car accident in a leased car, in addition to notifying your dealer, you will need to pass through the same hurdles you would had you gotten in a car accident with your own car. Of course, at first you should be concerned with your safety and health and then those of other drivers and passengers.Then, it is always helpful to get the names and numbers of witnesses to the event. If law enforcement is called, they will also write up a police report. Finally, the other driver’s insurance companies will take the available information to assess whether you will receive any compensation and how much. Often times, they decide you will receive nothing or less than you truly deserve. If the other driver’s insurance company denies your claim, you may be left to go through your own insurance, pay their deductible and recover on your own.


Fortunately, even if the other driver’s insurance company denies your claim or does not compensate you properly, you may still fight to get the compensation money you deserve. A top car accident attorney can conduct his or her own investigation and reveal facts that may have been omitted my law enforcement. Additionally, because attorneys can file a lawsuit at any time, they typically get more leverage when negotiating a fairer settlement with the other driver’s insurance company. This means that a top personal injury attorney negotiates for medical bills, property damage, lost income, pain and suffering and in some cases even punitive damages.


Here at LA Jewish Lawyer we’ve build a network of courtroom-experienced top attorneys that can deal with the law and insurance companies while you focus on recovery. If you’ve been involved in an accident in a leased car, call LA Jewish Lawyer at 855 977 1212 for a Free Consultation with an attorney.

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For many years, California Divorce Attorneys have fought ferociously in Family Court over the issue of when – exactly – is the “Date of Separation” in a case where the divorcing spouses continue to dwell in the same house.

But now, finally, the California State Legislature has spoken.  As of January 01, 2017, if Husband and Wife both intend to get a divorce, and have ceased sleeping together and comingling funds as well as “fun,” then they can be legally “Separated,” even if they are living under the same roof.

In an acknowledgment of the weak California economy, and the consequent housing shortage, as well as the public policy of not unnecessarily causing one of the divorcing spouses to become “Homeless” … usually the Husband … Governor Jerry Brown has signed legislation — SB 1255 — which will take effect in January 2017, allowing divorcing couples to be considered legally “Separated,” while still living in the same house.  Under prior California Case Law, the fact that the couple lived under the same roof was usually taken as an indication that they were not legally “Separated.”

This important new law was written and advocated by Senator John Moorlach (R-Costa Mesa).  He believed it was necessary to change the Family Code language because many spouses wish to separate legally in order to protect their personal finances, but also, wish to continue sharing a residence in order to save costs during their divorce. 


Thus, SB 1255 should better reflect the reality of modern divorce experiences.


While the amended Family Code sections do provide clarity and allow couples more post-separation flexibility, it is important to note that SB 1255 may not be the end of legal disputes about separation dates—in the coming years, case law will further refine the relevant legislative provisions. 


Additionally, couples in the process of a divorce should not let SB 1255 pass by them unnoticed because when the new law goes into effect on January 01, 2017, it may retroactively apply to any cases pending on that date, but this issue still needs to be resolved and addressed by the Family Courts in California.


Since there are some complicated and confusing issues, you should consult now  — right away! — with your Family Law attorney to develop a “date of separation” strategy that is in your best interest.


If you are considering a legal separation or divorce, please contact the experienced family law attorneys at Los Angeles Jewish Lawyers – we can help you navigate the effects of SB 1255 and answer any questions you may have about how the new law will impact your divorce. 


The sooner you understand how SB 1255 will affect your legal plans, the better you can prepare for the new rule when it goes into to effect on January 01, 2017.

As before, but to a somewhat lesser extent, the nuances of what a divorcing couple does  –  or does not do  –  while living under the same roof could alter the Family Court’s decision as to their legal status, e.g., the sharing of credit cards and bank accounts, the giving and receiving of gifts, and even the exchange of written thank you notes and greeting cards, could well have been determining factors.

The status of the couple in terms of sharing of debt may be of crucial importance as well.  Generally, the martial status of the couple will determine the character of the debt at the time it was incurred.

The status of the couple’s children will also need to be considered.

We welcome the new legislation by the State of California, because children generally do better if both parents are present in the home, unless the situation involves violence or abuse, or is totally untenable in other ways.  Divorce is not pleasant for anyone involved, whether parents or children.  

Perhaps you’ve seen the 1989 movie, “War of the Roses,” in which a Divorce Attorney, played by Danny DeVito, and with the movie having also been Directed by Danny DeVito, recalls and describes to his new client – who is thinking of divorcing his wife – the sad story of Mr. and Mrs. Rose, whose horribly contentious Divorce ends very badly.  At the end, DeVito advises his potential new client, listen … why don’t you just go home, take your wife out to a nice restaurant for dinner, go back home, each of you going to a different room, on a different floor … and just don’t argue about anything … and … as Rodney King famously suggested, “just get along.”

Starting on January 01, 2017, you can live under the same roof with the spouse that you are divorcing, and still be considered as legally “Separated,” if, and only if, you do not sleep together, do not exchange holiday gifts or greeting cards, and … as at the Courthouse, always watch what you say !




The Best Time To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney


Lawyer-Up” NOW, Ask Questions Later

The best time to hire a Personal Injury Attorney is immediately, just as soon as the Car Accident or Slip & Fall occurs.  By analogy, let’s say you’re on a professional football team, heading to the Super Bowl.  When do you want your Coach to be there?  Right from the very start, of course!  Your Attorney plays the same role as your Coach.  How well the litigation process proceeds, may be determined largely by how well you handle the “kick-off.”  Don’t make mistakes that you will later regret.

Scouting” the Opponent

Just like a Life Coach needs Scouting reports on the other team, you need all of the relevant information from the other car involved in an accident.  You need name, address, telephone number, Insurance Card, Registration, Driver License, to name a few.  Just think of your Driver License as your “Name,” your Registration as your “Rank,” and your Insurance Card as your “Serial Number.”  That’s all the information you ever can be required to give.  Your Attorney can help you obtain and organize this vital information, as well as contact both your insurance company, and the other guy’s insurance company.  Your Attorney can contact the local Police Department, to get a copy of the Police Report, and get it right away.

Don’t Talk Too Much

At the scene of an accident, don’t be offering apologies or explanations.  Don’t say “I’m so sorry,” or “it was my fault,” or “I was on the telephone.”  For example, I was once in a serious Car Accident on the 170 Freeway.  I was a passenger, not the driver.  The accident was clearly the other Driver’s Fault, since he veered suddenly into the Car Pool Lane, in order to swerve around a line of traffic, as the cars ahead of him slowed to a stop.  As he swerved, he crossed a double yellow (actually quadruple yellow) line, and plowed into the side or our car, since we were already in the Car Pool Lane.

Oddly enough, the Driver of our car had been in an unrelated Bumper Bumping earlier that morning.  The Driver’s Daughter, age 15, could not stop from saying, “OMG (oh my gosh), Mom, two accidents in one day!,” within earshot of the other Driver, who was at fault.  At first, I tried a polite “Shhh” in order to give the talkative teenager the idea of keeping quiet, but it didn’t work.  Eventually, desperate to stop her conversation, I said “shut-up!”  Of course, I lived to regret that comment ….

The point is, right from the start, you’ve got to think like a Personal Injury Attorney, and if possible, hire an Attorney … right away!  Some things … a lot of things … are best left unsaid.

If it’s a serious accident, there may well be litigation, including Court Hearings and Depositions.  At your Deposition, if you have an experienced Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer that knows how to be a good Coach, you will learn things you’ve never learned before … like how to answer simply “yes,” or “no,” and then to remain silent … no matter how uncomfortable that might feel. It is very important you follow the guidance of your Personal Injury Lawyer.





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Can Personal Injury Lawyers Reach a Peaceful Future? The Magic of Technology

I often wonder where our society is heading with the rapid exponential advancement in technology. The days of pagers and dial phones are a far distant memory that we now have a difficult time explaining to our children.

Could we have the same challenge telling our grandchildren what is/was a cell phone and why we needed a tablet? I think it is inevitable that many of today’s marvels will become old relics of which only the old and wrinkled will have a memory.

This goes also for how we do other things, for example the type of cars we drive and the technology used to keep us safe on the road inside the vehicle and in infrastructure. The cars operating on Los Angeles’ freeways are of a greater variety than just a decade ago; the major shift has been in the use of electrical vehicles. They look and drive the same as the indigenous gas monster but with finesse and a collective spirit of looking forward to …. greener planet.

But even greater developments are coming for cars. Let’s try to stretch our imagination and penetrate into a futuristic reality in which we can possibly experience a future day in our life. First cars will be driven autonomously (it has already started if you haven’t read the latest tech news) and linked to the net grid. Cars will offer each driver the best route and time to leave the house to get to their destination on time. Taking the side streets will not be needed because there will be no traffic jams. All traffic is calculated down to the second pedestrians takes their first step onto the pavement.

Now what does it mean? Will it mean no accidents or at least down to a fraction in terms of national average? Most likely, yes. A slow mutative domino effect will take place, less accidents= less injuries/fatalities = less lawsuits = less auto body-shops = less junkyards = less traffic tickets and the list goes on.

Imagine Personal Injury Attorney law firm’s staff meeting coming to the conclusion that taking on car accident cases is no longer a profitable goal for the company and they will have to cut off that specialty from their main business model? What a day!

Are we truly coming upon a technological paradigm that will shift our lives entirely and make our lives more …… peaceful?

I often ponder, what if we shifted so far out that we cut down our traditional transportation needs by 80% because, we can now travel without a car, train, boat and or plane?

What say you?

Are We Headed to a Better Future?


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Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered to 18 in California?

All 50 US states have set their minimum drinking age to 21 although exceptions do exist on a state-by-state basis.

Considering health risks, accidents, DUI, analyses found higher legal drinking ages associated with lower alcohol consumption, 18 is the age of adulthood and more.

Would you support reducing the minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) from 21 to 18?

Lawyers help resolve DUI cases and doctors save lives but they all hope to see less of those. Keeping the roads safe is a goal we all share. Can we reduce this problem by changing the legal age of alcohol consumption?

Los Angeles DUI Attorney

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Here are some 14 pros and cons details with various statistics put together by ProCon.  It will help you learn about aspects of this subject that you might not have considered before.

Pro Arguments

18 is the age of adulthood in the United States, and adults should have the right to make their own decisions about alcohol consumption.

Turning 18 entails receiving the rights and responsibilities of adulthood to vote, smoke cigarettes, serve on juries, get married, sign contracts, be prosecuted as adults, and join the military – which includes risking one’s life

Con Arguments

Lowering MLDA 21 would be medically irresponsible.

Alcohol consumption can interfere with development of the young adult brain’s frontal lobes, essential for functions such as emotional regulation, planning, and organization. When alcohol consumption interferes with this early adult brain development, the potential for chronic problems such as greater vulnerability to addiction, dangerous risk-taking behavior, reduced decision-making ability, memory loss, depression, violence, and suicide is greater

Allowing 18- to 20-year-olds to drink alcohol in regulated environments with supervision would decrease unsafe drinking activity.

Prohibiting this age group from drinking in bars, restaurants, and other licensed locations causes them to drink in unsupervised places such as fraternity houses or house parties where they may be more prone to binge drinking and other unsafe behavior.

Lowering MLDA 21 to 18 will irresponsibly allow a greater segment of the population to drink alcohol in bars and nightclubs, which are not safe environments.

76% of bars have sold alcohol to obviously intoxicated patrons, and about half of drivers arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) or killed as alcohol-involved drivers in traffic crashes did their drinking at licensed establishments. Neighborhoods with higher densities of bars, nightclubs, and other alcohol-selling locations suffer more frequent assaults and other violent crimes.

Traffic accidents and fatalities are most common among newly-legal drinkers, regardless of the MLDA.

In 2009, the 21- to 24-year-old age group had the highest percentage of drivers in fatal crashes with blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) levels of .08 or higher – 35 percent.  Any increase in traffic accidents or fatalities in 18- to 20-year-olds would be offset by a decrease for those 21 and older.

The right to drink should have a higher age of initiation because of the dangers posed by drinking.

Many rights in the United States are conferred on citizens at age 21 or older. A person cannot legally purchase a handgun, gamble in a casino (in most states), or adopt a child until age 21, rent a car (for most companies) at age 25, or run for President until age 35. Drinking should be similarly restricted due to the responsibility required to self and others.

There are fewer drunk driving traffic accidents and fatalities in many countries with MLDA of 18.

Although the United States increased the MLDA to 21 in 1984, its rate of traffic accidents and fatalities in the 1980s decreased less than that of European countries whose legal drinking ages are lower than 21.

MLDA 21 reduces traffic accidents and fatalities.

100 of the 102 analyses (98%) in a 2002 meta-study of the legal drinking age and traffic accidents found higher legal drinking ages associated with lower rates of traffic accidents. [19] The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimated that MLDA 21 decreased the number of fatal traffic accidents for 18- to 20-year-olds by 13% and saved approximately 27,052 lives from 1975-2008.

The decrease in drunk driving fatalities as a percentage of total traffic fatalities in the United States does not correlate to the MLDA.

Since 1982, two years prior to the Uniform Drinking Age Act establishing an MLDA of 21, a decline of drunk driving fatalities occurred across all age groups and demographic categories, and therefore cannot be reliably attributed to MLDA 21.

MLDA 21 reduces alcohol consumption.

In a 2002 meta-study, 87% of the analyses found higher legal drinking ages associated with lower alcohol consumption.  In 2009, the NHTSA found that the percentage of weekend nighttime drivers with a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher declined from 5.4% in 1986 (two years after the MLDA was raised to 21) to 2.2% in 2007.

Lowering MLDA from 21 to 18 would diminish the thrill of breaking the law to get a drink.

Normalizing alcohol consumption as something done responsibly in moderation will make drinking alcohol less of a taboo for young adults entering college and the workforce.

MLDA 21 should not be lowered to mirror European drinking age limits because the rate of drinking among US teenagers is lower than most European countries.

US teenagers also show equal or lower rates of intoxication/binge drinking than do adolescents from most European countries, and most European countries report higher rates of intoxication and binge drinking for youth under 13.

MLDA 21 is largely ineffective because the majority of teens continue to consume alcohol.

According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, underage drinking accounts for 17.5% ($22.5 billion) of consumer spending for alcohol in the United States. In 2006, 72.2% of twelfth graders reported drinking alcohol at some point in their lives.

MLDA 21 laws reduce the number of underage drinkers.

The percentage of underage drinkers has decreased since 1984 when most MLDA 21 laws came into effect.  Studies indicate that when the drinking age is 21, those younger than 21 drink less and continue to drink less through their early 20s, and that youth who do not drink until they are 21 tend to drink less as adults.

High non-compliance with MLDA 21 promotes general disrespect and non-compliance with other areas of US law.

MLDA 21 encourages young adults to acquire and use false identification documents to procure alcohol. In this era of national security concerns, including terrorism, illegal immigration, and other threats, it would be better to have fewer fake IDs in circulation and more respect for the law.

MLDA 18 is not a right.

A US district court ruled on Dec. 22, 1978 that MLDA 21 is “reasonably related to a state objective of reducing highway crashes,” and that MLDA 21 withstands a constitutional challenge on three key legal issues: (1) drinking alcohol is not a “fundamental” right guaranteed by the Constitution, (2) age is not inherently a “suspect” criteria for discrimination (in contrast to race or ethnicity, for example) and (3) using the drinking age to prevent highway crashes has a “rational basis” in available scientific evidence.

MLDA 21 enforcement is not a priority for many law enforcement agencies.

Police are inclined to ignore or under-enforce MLDA 21 because of resource limitations, statutory obstacles, perceptions that punishments are inadequate, and the time and effort required for processing and paperwork. An estimated two of every 1,000 occasions of illegal drinking by youth under 21 results in an arrest.

The American public overwhelmingly supports MLDA 21.

A 2007 Gallup poll found that 77% of Americans would oppose a federal law that lowers the drinking age in all states to age 18.   Numerous state and national surveys dating from the 1970s (when states were raising the legal drinking age) through the present have shown overwhelming public support for MLDA 21.

MLDA 21 is not statistically associated with lower rates of suicide, homicide, or vandalism.

In a 2002 meta-study of the legal drinking age and health and social problems, 72% of the studies found no statistically significant relationship despite claims that lowering the MLDA to 18 would increase suicide and criminal activities by adolescents.

Lowering MLDA 21 would give high schoolers and even middle schoolers easier access to alcohol.

Newly-legal drinkers often purchase alcohol for their underage peers, creating a “trickle-down” effect. Surveys show that the most common source of alcohol among 18- to 20-year olds is their 21- to 24-year-old peers.

Drinking alcohol is an enjoyable activity.

18- to 20-year-old adults should not be denied that enjoyment when other pleasurable activities are legal at age 18.

MLDA 21 helps prevent underage binge drinking.

Binge drinking peaks among 21- to 25-year-olds at 45.9%, while the binge drinking rates of those aged 12-13, 14-15, 16-17, and 18-20 are 1.5%, 7.8%, 19.4%, and 35.7% respectively.

Lowering MLDA 21 would reduce the number of underage people who are hurt from alcohol-related injuries or accidents due to fear of legal consequences if they sought medical attention.

MLDA 21 exerts valuable social pressure on potential underage drinkers and those who may serve them.

Youth may choose not to drink, or to drink less often, because of decreased social acceptability or increased risks from parental or legal authorities. Older youth and adults may furnish alcoholic beverages to minors less frequently, and licensed alcohol outlets may sell to minors less frequently, because of their perceptions that it is illegal, morally wrong, or because they might be caught.

State governments should have the right to establish a lower legal drinking age that reflects their unique demographics, legal context, and history.

The Uniform Drinking Act, which compelled states to set the legal drinking age at 21 by withholding ten percent of highway funding from states that kept the minimum legal drinking age at 18, is an example of federal government overreach into state affairs. Many states that were happy with their MLDA 18 bowed to federal pressure rather than lose millions in annual highway funds.

The MLDA should stay at 21 because people tend to be more mature and responsible at 21 than 18.

18-year-olds are typically entering a new phase of independence from their parents through college or the workforce, and are more susceptible to binge drinking, risky sexual activity, and other irresponsible behavior due to lack of maturity.

Lowering MLDA 21 would be good for the economy.

More people would legally be able to drink in bars, restaurants, and other licensed establishments. Revenue would increase for private business owners, and greater amounts of tax revenue would be collected by the government.

Lowering the drinking age will invite more use of illicit drugs among 18-21 year olds.

A peer-reviewed study from the Journal of Studies of Alcohol and Drugs found that the younger a person begins to drink alcohol the more likely it is that they will use other illicit drugs. Lowering MLDA 21 would increase the number of teens who drink and therefore the number of teens who use other drugs.

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“Mom! I Had an Accident” – The Lawyer Story You Can Relate To

Yesterday, I was Car #2 in a seven-car accident on Olympic Boulevard in West Los Angeles, but I really don’t know what to do. We called the Police, and we all (… that is, all 7 cars … there was an 8th car, that caused the pile-up, but they sped away …) waited there for more than 45 minutes but the Police never came. Perhaps, when the “911” Operator asked, was anyone hurt, I should have said “YES,” but instead, I said “I don’t think so … “

Car Accident Attorney

Car Accident Attorney

Today, I wish I had a Car Accident Attorney “lined-up.” The truth is, I’ve never used an Attorney, and I have no idea who to call. Right now, I’m calling miscellaneous friends, asking, “have you ever been in a car accident,” and did you use an attorney. Sometimes, I’m just leaving voicemail messages. It’s silly to even think about it, but I really wish I had done this research before my car accident happened !

My neck, shoulder and back are stiffening up, and beginning to hurt. Hopefully, this is no big deal, but I’m thinking that I should go to a Chiropractor or some kind of doctor. But same story here … I really don’t know who to go to. I go to a Family Medical Clinic, and I’ve made an appointment, but they can’t see me until Friday. I know … I could go to the Emergency Room at a Hospital or Urgent Care, but I still don’t feel quite right treating this as an “Emergency.” Again, it’s really silly, but I wish I had a list of Chiropractors. I guess if I’d lined up a Car Accident Attorney before, I could call them right now, and get a referral to a Chiropractor that would treat me for free, and get paid after the insurance companies sort this out.

I’ve called my own insurance company, and reported the accident. I got the insurance information from the Driver in front of me, and behind me, but I don’t know what to do …. Am I supposed to call their insurance companies, or does my company do that ? A Car Accident Attorney would know the answer !

Here’s what I’m thinking … right away, I knew to call “911.” At my kids school, they have a list of numbers to call right away, if there’s a problem.
I really should have an “Emergency List,” with the names and numbers of a couple of Car Accident Attorneys, a couple of Chiropractors, my Family Medical Clinic number, a list of friends with cars, that could come pick me up, if I can’t drive, but don’t want to call an Ambulance. I am going to make sure I’m better prepared in the future … starting with a reliable referral to a really Good Car Accident Attorney !

 Los Angeles Lawyer

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What if You Misdialed? or, Had Long Nails? – Calling a Lawyer with a Dial Telephone

Compare the diversity and capabilities of today’s phones and you would astonish the mind of anyone traveling in time from the mid 80’s. Not such a far distance on the waves of time but look at what we have accomplished. Our now “Smart” phones are more culturally integrated to our society than religion. Such a small device and yet punches through almost every aspect of our lives.

Not long ago, phones did one thing, gave us the ability to speak and listen to someone on the opposite side of the communication line. Calling involved using your finger (the index in most cases) to turn a circular dial to achieve the proper sequence. More often than non, we misdialed and what we had to do next was most annoying: Start Over! Yes it is true (for all you who are too young to know or remember). In today’s “Smart” phone you can go back and delete a number very quickly but with a dial telephone, you had to hangup the line, pick the headset again and start dialing.

Now days, calling a lawyer, can be as easy as verbally asking the phone to perform the task, hands free. It can even search for the Nearest Personal Injury Lawyer if need to purely magic to our time traveler.

Yellow pages! do you remember those heavy bulky monster books layered with thousands of thin paper?

That’s what we had to deal with. The font was so small you could easily misdialed to your attorney.

Our old dial telephone was a great tool for many years indeed but, it was “cramping-our-style”. 


Find a Lawyer Los Angeles


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Long finger nails were the greatest challenge. Back in the day and even now, ladies who pick a job involving intense use of their fingertips know very well whats at stake.

You make them long and soon enough the glory, will be short or chipped away with a tear in the eye.

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What Type of Chocolate is Your Lawyer?


To say that lawyers are somehow related to chocolate would spark a long challenging argument in court and on the streets of Los Angeles. Most likely the best lawyer will win and declare their own favorite brand as the best pick.

Here is the scenario we wish to speak with you about: If you are not already a lawyer, try to imagine you are, just for a few moments. Settle into that job description with all of its potential luxuries: Big office towering above Los Angeles, fancy car, lucrative vacations and the one most important of them all: Unlimited supply of your favorite chocolate. Considering your chocolate-love is locked on one type or brand, which will you choose for your desktop ice breaker? Hershey Kisses, M&M? or, a more refined and well designed like Lindor Truffles, Godiva or some of those yummy gold foil wrapped treasure, Ferrero Rocher?

Perhaps you might even go farther up the list of quality cocoa brands, the top-notch of chocolate heaven. They are lavishly mesmerizing and of course very expen$ive. But of course at your hourly rate as the Best Lawyer in Los Angeles you can afford it, if not for your office guests than surly to stow your private stash hidden at the top locked cabinet.

To name a few of those lavish brands, we turned the wisdom of top sweet-tooth junkies in our nation: From the land of aged cheese and chocolate delectable Switzerland is at the top of the list – DeLafée. Because of their sensual chocolate experience the Swiss chocolates are famous around the globe. The DeLafée is a taste buds “orchestra” delivered in the golden wrapper and called “Golden Truffle”. Your cost will be around $500 for one ball of deliciousness. Next comes Knipschildt Chocolatier’s Madeline truffle – Stuffed with a French Perigord truffle and crafted from 71-percent single-bean Ecuadorean dark-chocolate.. wow! The list goes on and on with names such as To’ak, Amedei’s Prendimé, Debauve & Gallais’s Le Livre and more.

As a top Hollywood lawyer in your field you must make tough choices and stick to them for the win, picking your chocolate is no different.

What is your choice today? Tell us below..


The Lawyer’s Guide to DATING Without Losing a Case

Many lawyers in Los Angeles are lonely and very single. The fact of having spent most of their waking life digesting law books, has taken a toll on their social life. The goal of having a framed diploma hung on your office wall someday is the dangling carrot for lawyers, doctors, scientists and more.  But what happens during that long period of years where most of day time hours are dedicated to achieving their dream?  Are there enough minutes on their clock to fit in a date or a relationship?

Thanks to advancements in technology we now have dating websites and apps. Not long ago an app named Tinder took the world by storm. This smart phone app, is designed to show users compatible candidates for love based on distance, age and gender. Pictures and short descriptions allow the user to decide with a swipe of their finger, if they “Like” or “Don’t Like” the one showing. 

Now bear in mind that there are millions of singles out there in search for their true love and some, who belong to the temporary club, hence serial daters. Most of these singles are drawn to the popular generic apps and dating websites, which are designed for anyone over the age of 18. As a lawyer, doctor or in any other field, you want someone who you can relate to and better understand. Relating to someone based on culture is one thing but, it’s another when a lawyer wants to have a morning coffee talk with a partner who can speak the lingo. 

Lawyers don’t have to go the distance to find their best possible match, behold the lawyers’ dating websites.

Here are a few examples for lawyers choose from: lawyerflirts .com, lawyerdatingservice .com, lawyersinlove .com and more.

For doctors: marrydoctor .com, singledoctors .com

For scientist: sciconnect .com, datingforscientists .com, dating.newscientist .com/s/

Professionals in general: catch22dating .com, theleague .com, professionalmatch .com/ 

Things are looking bright for those lonely single lawyers after all. These services in most cases are free, with some offering a few extra features for a modest monthly membership fee. 

Are you a single lawyer or other professional who has a story to share? We want to hear about it.


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